LEUCHTTURM 1917 Drehgriffel Ballipoint Pen Bauhaus Edition Twist Red/Blue


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Twist grip No. 1 Bauhaus Edition

Design limited to the basics but with high functionality at the same time.

A fine dot on the rotating head recalls Kandinsky’s phrase “Everything begins with a dot”, every time it is used. The nose and base of the #1 Twister are the same color, which contrasts with the color scheme of the hexagonal body.

The Bauhaus Edition Twist Grip No. 1 contains a refill inside the blue ink pen.

Additional information
Πληρωμή & Αποστολή
  • High quality brass and aluminum pen
  • Indelible (according to ISO 12757-2)
  • Medium
  • Ink color: royal blue
  • Refillable
  • Length: 13 cm
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