KAWECO Skyline Sport Ballpen, Fox blue ink


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The mixture of red and orange pigments makes the ballpoint pen in the colour Fox a real eye-catcher. Inspired by current streetwear trends from the big cities, the colour gives the pen an organic character.

The birth of the Kaweco Sport was back in 1911. In our Skyline series, the writing system ballpoint pen must not be missed. It has a length of 10.5 cm and works with a high-quality heart-curve mechanism. It works particularly precise and does not click when the push button is pressed.

Our standard refills are available in black and blue, as well as line widths of 0.8 mm, 1.0 mm and 1.2 mm. In addition, we offer a red refill with 1.0 mm line width.

Suitable for the ball pen, Kaweco offers clips in silver, gold, bronze and black.

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