CONKLIN Hippocrates Fountain pen with ink bottle – Black RGT (Special Edition)



Renowned as the “Father of Western Medicine,” Hippocrates, was born in 460 BCE in Kos, Greece, leaving an enduring legacy that continues to shape contemporary healthcare practices to this day. The Conklin Hippocrates family of writing instruments make the perfect gift for anyone just entering the profession, or as an elegant, everyday tool for even a seasoned practitioner.

The collection features a European-grade, hand-crafted smooth resin. The glossy black body is adorned with 18KT gilded rose gold elements representing iconic medical symbols, including the stethoscope, Bowl of Hygeia, DNA string, Heartbeat sign, Caduceus, and the Star of Life. The top of the cap boasts an 18KT gilded rose gold coin depicting Hippocrates, while the clip showcases the renowned rod of Asclepius in 18KT gilded rose gold.

The fountain pen boasts a premium 18KT gilded rose gold stainless steel nib, made in Germany by JoWo, the preeminent nib manufacturer in the world. It can easily be filled via standard international ink cartridges or high quality threaded piston converter (Included).

The Conklin Hippocrates fountain pen is presented in a deluxe gift box, accompanied by a 30 ml themed ink bottle making it the perfect gift for any member of the profession.

Experience the Conklin Hippocrates Collection – a harmonious blend of historical reverence and contemporary elegance that elevates the simple act of writing to a higher plane.

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